Friday, May 29, 2009

Five months old

Zane turned five months old on Wednesday....and, well, to be quite honest, it's been a rough month! He's never been a great sleeper, but before his four month appointment he was sleeping at least one five hour stretch most nights. We've been zombies since then, though! He has not slept more than one or two hours at a time every.single.night! AAAHHHH! We're trying some new things and he did sleep 5 hours Wednesday night and SEVEN hours last night! Hallelujah! I sure hope the sleeping continues. I can tell a world of difference when he gets a good night's sleep. He's a much happier baby. Even though he likes to party it up all night, we still love him to death! He is so stinkin cute!

Some five month info:

*Weighs 15.5lbs
*Drools alot
*Has no blue left in his eyes--they are definitely brown!
*Smiles alot
*Gives a bashful grin and hides his face
*Almost always sleeps in the car (maybe we should all camp out there at night, huh?) haha
*Has had a few trial runs with rice cereal....he's not too crazy about it yet
*Gives momma big, open mouth "kisses"
*Found those toes! (see picture below)
*"Talks" more and will say "uh, uh, uh" repeatedly. Occasionally he changes it up and says "guh, guh, guh"
*Reaches for everything I'm holding and tries to put it in his mouth
*Can hold his own paci and put it in his mouth
*Can almost hold a bottle on his own
*Always has fingers in his mouth

Our five month photo shoot started out uneventful

I got a smile!

Then he decided to lean forward...

Hey, look what I found!


Do I look like my daddy?

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Jordan said...

Oh, so cute! Maybe one of these days we can come and see you :) By the end of the summer I'll be "retiring," so hopefully we can visit then!