Friday, May 1, 2009

eight things...

hannah went a tagging and i got hit. that's hannah, of clintandhannahplusone....the best blogger around. seriously. her blogs are the best. she makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me stop and really think about things in life, and makes me pray for a little girl named zoe. ok, so she doesn't make me do the last one, but she is responsible for putting it on my heart. i wish i could have coffee with hannah every morning....

so here are the rules for "eight things":
. mention the person that tagged you
. complete the list of eight things
. tag eight of your wonderful blogger friends
. go tell them you tagged them

eight things i look forward to

*my morning coffee
*matt finishing residency and fellowship (just FIVE more years....)
*being able to work less and spend more time with my zaney-waney and his possible future siblings (again, just FIVE more years)
*taking zane to the lake this summer
*losing the last 7 lbs of baby weight...more wouldn't be so bad, either ;)
*the arrival of parker petty
*zane sleeping through the night
*the pearly gates

eight things i did yesterday
*worked for three days. actually, it was 12 hours, but it felt like three days.
*spent time with zane on my 30 minute lunch break
*lost my cool and told a couple that, yes, i could have their prescriptions ready faster if they weren't too concerned with what drug was in their bottle....but, if they wanted it filled correctly, and for me to make sure that the new prescriptions didn't interact with any of their others, possible causing seizures or other harmful effects, that maybe they should be a little more patient. be nice to your pharmacist,'s not fast food you're waiting on. (note: i think they actually waited for a total of 10 minutes! is that too much to ask?)
*met kohen pryor smith! his mommy and i were friends in college, have been following each others blogs for months, and our little boys got to meet at target yesterday!
*talked to my mom....i'm not sure i've gone a day without talking to her since zane was born
*drove to conway with my right eye closed because there was something in it. i know, dangerous. but i was scared to pull over on the side of the interstate and wasn't going to look in the mirror to try to get the foreign object out while driving.
*kissed my husband and my baby
*cried on my way home for three reasons: 1. i'm sooo happy that my friend Faith is now getting to stay home with her kiddos. her little girl, who is three weeks older than zane, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and requires a little extra tender loving care! which leads me to reason number 2. sick babies break my heart. and number 3 is totally selfish. a little bit of bitterness as i unloaded my already sleeping baby at 10pm, and again, i wished i didn't have to work so late.

eight things i wish i could do
*eat whatever i want, never exercise, and not have 'muffin top'
*witness every 'first' of zane's....first word, roll from tummy to back, crawl, walk, wave bye-bye, etc.
*be more organized
*have normal working hours for me and matt. our schedules are so chaotic
*be in a great small group
*cook dinner most nights of the week
*go back in time and see my grandparents when they were the age i am now

eight shows i watch
*all my children
*one life to live....these two are my mom's fault
*the bachelor/bachelorette
*dancing with the stars
*desperate housewives
*the ellen degeneres show

i tag: faith stewart, allyson petty, stephanie wood, sara hardin, jordan woodruff, barbara cross, laurie andrews, and jordan malone


Amanda said...

Everyone says pharmacy is such a great career to be a mom...they LIE! I know with the hours Rich and I are working, there is no way we could have a baby right now. Those "normal business hours" pharmacy jobs are hard to come by.

hannah said...

i would be honored to have coffee with you every single morning, sweet sarah. we could laugh at stories about our kiddos.

thank you for the sweet things you said about me. seriously, thank you.

i think so much of you too. i wish you lived next door. :)

ps. i hope matt gets to meet zoe!!!

Faith said...

I'm sorry I made you bitter, but I TOTALLY understand... I've been there so many times, especially on a street with all sahms...I am thankful I get to do it, I'm living the dream! Except the CF was never in the dream... who knew... Love ya babe.. you not so bad a blogger yourself you know...:)