Sunday, May 17, 2009

Doctor Aunt Lindsey

Dear Aunt Lindsey,

I'm so proud of you for graduating from medical school. Sorry I was a fussy boy and me and mom didn't attend your honors program. Mommy says you're a 'fancy pants' and got an award or five. I already knew you were pretty smart....actually, you're pretty and smart! I tried to make up for the honors program by coming to graduation....and for a four month old sitting through a three hour graduation, I must say I did ok. I would, however, like to apologize for the timing of my pooping. Mom got really nervous when she heard the 'party in my pants' because she was wearing white pants and was afraid of any leakage that might occur. That being said, I was apparently strapped to a changing table in a restroom in Barton Coliseum when they announced "Dr. Lindsey Erin Bell". Oopsy! Well, I love you and think you're the best aunt in the world. Hope you have fun in Barbados. One more thing, do I have to call you "Dr. Aunt Lindsey" now?

Your favorite (and only) nephew--Zane/Dane/Taj/Todd/tot/potato


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you crack me up! and please pass along our congrats to "the other dr. bell!"