Saturday, May 2, 2009

Four months old

I can't believe that four months ago I didn't even know this little guy! Each day he changes, and each day I love him more than the day before. Tuesday we went for his four month checkup/shots. yuck!

Four month stats:
*weight: 14.5lbs, a little less than 50th percentile
*length: 25 inches, 50th percentile
*head circumference: 16.75 inches, 40th percentile
*perfect (that's what the doctor said, so it's official!)

His checkup with Dr. Magee went great, then the nurse comes in. I make dad-o hold him for the shots. He was sitting there chewing away on his hand, so unsuspecting, and then bam-bam-bam! Poor baby! He was a little fussy the rest of the morning, took a good nap, and woke up in a great mood! He did run a little fever that night and the next morning, and now we seem to be having some tummy issues. I'm so glad that another round of shots are behind us now.

Random four month facts:
*loves spending time with his DeeDee, Skeet, and Lola while mommy's at work during the week
*loves spending time with his Nana Beth while mommy's at work on the weekends
*is more vocal. mostly vowel sounds with an occasional 'a-goo'
*will laugh when his dad-o blows on his belly
*spends a little more time on his belly and is getting better at pushing up
*has rolled from back to tummy a few times
*loves to chew on his fist
*is very entertained by his 'chicken dance' duck
*likes for his daddy to rock him while listening to his Jimmy Buffet lullaby album
*still sleeps in the pack 'n play in our room
*still misses us during the night, so he wakes up one to three times during the night to "check on us"
*other than a stuffy nose, he has been perfectly healthy....a huge blessing!
*can lace all of his fingers together...looks like he's praying ;)

Look at these two pictures. The first one is from his first bath at home and the second is from his bath yesterday. Quite a difference in size and demeanor!

Here are some more pictures from our four month photo shoot. I had to get one of the back of this cute little outfit. Thanks Aunt Lindsey! You can also see where he's rubbed a bald strip on the back of his head.

Emma decided to jump up and join the photo session

And she gets a smile out of him!

He always has 'serious face'. I just know he's got a lot going on inside that little head of his....can't wait to find out what it is and what he has to say about it!


Precious Moments said...

He is so adorable girl!! It is amazing how much they change in just a few months!

hannah said...

i LOVE zane-o. so, so much!

and i love that outfit! he is absoultely adorable! i cannot wait for pratt, zane and parker to play together.

Melissa said...

Zane is an angel for sure!!! We are moving back to Arkansas and I can't wait to meet this little monkey & you too!!! (Don't be alarmed if I hug you while sobbing!) :)

amywelborn said...

Love that lil outfit! What a cutie pie!