Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Haircut & Ice cream? Oh yeah...

Zane loved getting his haircut at Pigtails & Crewcuts in Little Rock, so we were super bummed when we moved to Madison and couldn't find a children's salon.

Until now! It just opened a few weeks ago. Scooops. And every haircut comes with an ice cream treat. Genius.

I think the goal is to serve the ice cream after the haircut as a reward. But Zane is impatient and wiggly.

It's definitely designed for girls, advertising treatments such as "hot fudge hand dips" and "sprinkle-icious up-do's" and hosting spa birthday parties. But boys like ice cream, too! Right? Plus, the haircuts are the same price as the adult place I usually take him + 25% for their grand opening. Win/win, if you ask me. I knew you were totally going to ask me.

Hollin hopes to have enough hair to require a haircut in a few years. I would love to take her there when she's Zane's age! Mother/daughter mani-pedi's? Yes, please! How cute is this outfit?!

We also made a quick trip to Wal-Mart. For the record, this is the second time I've been in WM since we moved here. WHAT? That was an almost daily trip in Little Rock! Reminded us of home, except that this one has a parking garage. You know, to avoid snowy parking lots. That's why this picture was taken in an "elligator" (elevator). And Little Miss is not in it because she's a horrible shopper. She just lets out one constant scream unless I'm holding her.
Finally, the "after" picture. I think the haircut made him look so much older! Not sure how I feel about that. He is a cute, sweet boy.


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