Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas in Madison

A few Christmas festivities we've enjoyed this year....
The kids are so lucky to have Ms. Jeri take such good care of them and treat them to a Christmas party. They enjoyed treats, movies, and presents! Hollin was wearing her cute outfit from Aunt Lindsey, so Zane wanted to wear a Christmas shirt, too. Reindeer pjs it is!
We took the Christmas tree cookies....but there's no pics of us baking or decorating. My new favorite phrase: I might not have made them, but I did make them possible. The Sentry grocery store did a much better job than I could ever do. Worth the time and sanity saved. Notice the girl in purple that Zane is next to in every picture? In his words, "I wuv her."

We enjoyed lunch with friends at Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery, which wore this little elf out.

What kid doesn't like Christmas lights? Madison has a free drive-through animated lights display called Festival in Lights. One night, after dinner and baths, we bundled the kids up and headed to Olin Park to see the lights. My favorite was the capital display with the actual capital across the lake in the background. We loved hearing Zane's excitement from the backseat. "Look at that kid sliding!" "There's Bucky Badger!" And Matt and I enjoyed the mini-vacation from chasing kids. If only they had fallen asleep on the way home....

Matt and I had a fun night out for his work Christmas party. While we were away, the kids had fun making cookies for Santa with Miss Marisa (or Miss Arisa, as Zane calls her).
That Santa....he found us in Wisconsin early again this year! The cookies must've lured him in.
Things I want to remember Z saying:

"My favorite Christmas song is "Dominick the Donkey".

"I thought it was so COOL that Santa brought me toys."

"A manger is what cows and horses eat."

"Don't worry, mommy. My toys will protect you."

And we got a little snow....but, more on that later.


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