Monday, July 2, 2012

Zane, 3.5

"I not three anymore. I three and a haaalf. I got new shoes and they make me real fast." This is what he told one of the caregivers at the gym this morning. And several people at the grocery store. And anyone else willing to listen. He's three and a half. And proud of it.

What makes you so fast?

"See those bwack things on my shoes? They make me fast!"

He's still a cowboy. He's a great helper and likes to ask, "I doing a great job?"

Lately, he's been all about superheroes. Superman, Batman, Spiderman. He loves wearing capes. He told me, "Costumes are for morning time." I don't even know how he knows about superheroes. I guess it's just a gene that little boys are born with.

He still takes an afternoon nap. Anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours long! Typically it's around 2 hours, but I know he's not ready to drop his nap. Neither am I. I've actually gotten both kids down for naps at the exact.same.time the past two days. Toot Toot! (That was me tooting my own horn.)

It gets dark really late here. Like, almost 10 o'clock. So after bathtime, he puts on his "man lotion" and his jammies (or his boxers or 'nunnerwears', like a mans) and gets in our bed to play on the ipad for a little while. It's dark in our room, so he doesn't realize he's going to bed when it's still 'morning time'. According to him, anytime the sun is up is morning time. After he 'plays ipad' for awhile, he'll lay with us for a minute, and then he'll say, "I wanna go to my bed now."

A few of my favorite quotes:
"That is a TEH-wibble i-dee-uh."
"That DEFinitely won't work."
"No, that too dangerwous."

He still says he's from "Missconsin", but knows that his old house is in Ah-kansas. He asked if it was in DeeDee's Ah-kansas or Nana's Ah-kansas. Sometimes when we're driving, he'll ask me what Missconsin we in now? Which means 'what town are we in?'.

He's still a fantastic big brother. He's amazed that Baby Hollin now has two teeth. He asked, "Can her walk now? Can her pway?"

I love this kid. He's so sweet. And so funny. And big. He's three and a haaalf!

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