Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cubs vs. Mets

This year I actually got Matt a Father's Day gift that was a surprise. It's really hard for me to get him a gift that the doesn't know about because I usually need his help picking them out. I would have no idea what kind of hunting or fishing equipment he needed, so it's safer (though not as much fun) for him to do the shopping.

It was SO hard for me to keep the secret when our tickets to the Cubs vs Mets game at Wrigley field came in the mail! I even made sure that we were both off of work (since the game was on a Wednesday) and that our sitter could keep the kids late.

It really worked out perfectly! We dropped the kids off that morning and drove down to Chicago. We decided to park at O'Hare and take the train into town to avoid traffic. Remind me next time to just stay in my own car. I don't think it saved us any time and we had to share cramped, warm spaces with strangers. Ick. I'm from the country and public transportation just ain't my thang, y'all. Other than that...the weather was perfect, our seats were great, the game was fun (we even ran into Matt's cousin), we had a great dinner at Goose Island, and we enjoyed each other's company. In fact, we couldn't remember the last time just the two of us had been somewhere without the kids! Helloooo adult conversation! Funny how most of our conversations were about two tiny little humans that we're pretty fond of....

At first glance you might assume that we have on our Cubbies gear....

Oh, no. We were brave and wore our Mets shirts! Matt has been a Mets fan since he was a kid and has never been to a game. That's what made this trip such a surprise. And guess what? Mets won 17-1!

I told Matt to make a goofy face.

Matt did not make a goofy face. Only me. So I just look crazy.


You are the best daddy to Zane and Hollin! I couldn't ask for better. Even when you are exhausted from working 24 hours straight, you walk in the house excited to see me and the kids. Often times you even bring home breakfast and cook it for us! You go above and beyond. You are fun, silly, patient, and kind. We are so blessed to have you!

We love you Dad-O Bear.

Bear Mummins, Bear-y, and Bearice

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rachel said...

what a great surprise!!! looks like a blast!!!!