Friday, July 20, 2012

nine months: take two

Our second attempt at pictures went a little better. She still wasn't giving many smiles, but at least she was in a better mood. She is starting to look so big in her little chair! I think my assistant is what kept her attention for pictures this time. How sweet is this?

She started sleeping all night (as in 10 to 12 hours) about 11 days before her eight month birthday. That lasted for about three weeks, and then she reverted back to waking up every three hours. After about a week of that, we just let her cry it out. That took about three nights and now she's back to sleeping all night again.

She is still wearing size 3 diapers and 6 and 9 month clothes. According to our scales, she weighs about 18 pounds.
She now has four teeth, two top & two bottom. She's still not crazy about food. She'll eat a few bites of banana, puffs, and mum mums. Her fave: smiley potatoes. Of course. I try to feed her fruits and veggies...she wants carbs in the form of fried potatoes. Definitely my daughter.

"Turn your knobs, Hollin." A common phrase around our house. She's always got her arms flapping and wrists turning...looks like she's turning knobs. She also makes the 'popeye face', waves and says bye bye, and fake coughs.

We discovered that she has a small birthmark on her left arm, right above the elbow.

She usually takes a morning nap around nine, and her afternoon nap is hit or miss. Those 'miss' days can get really long, as she is only happy if I'm holding her. This picture is really dark, but I wanted one of her holding her blanket. She always holds this when she's sleepy and rubs her eyes with it. She has it rolled up in a ball sleeping with it here.

She will get up on all fours now, but still isn't crawling. She can get anywhere she wants to go, though. She rolls and 'snakes' around the room. She can sit up and play for as long as she wants now. I tried to get some pics of her on all fours, but she was not having it. Pitiful.

Hollin still thinks her brother is the coolest thing around. He kind of likes her, too. And his dang 'ha-ha'. I don't now how he snuck this one past me.

Nine month comparison pictures.


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