Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 Outfit Of The Day.

Some mornings Zane gets up before Hollin and I. What can I say? We like our beauty sleep. He likes to get himself dressed. And he has an, umm…eclectic style.

Let the fashion show begin:

ootd1 ootd2 338323_10150637276271882_675491881_11148373_1852159394_oIt’s hard to tell, but the blue seer-sucker shorts and spurs really make this outfit. This was signing day, hence the razorback shirt.326436_10150652519481882_675491881_11193456_1746600708_o”Cowboys like sharks, mama. They they friends.” We like how he uses ‘they’ as a possessive pronoun.sillyStraight cowboy this day. Nothing fancy about the outfit, but check out the pose. Helloooooo Zoolander!

Never a dull moment with this kid. Hard work, but I got a few smiles.ootdIMG_4563And then he was obviously done with the camera.zane  

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Faith said...

I have seen that last look on you before:)