Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 IMG_2180Our preparations to leave Little Rock ‘behind’ are becoming a little more solid. As I was driving today, it hit me like a ton of bricks….we leave in a little over THREE weeks! That’s less than one month. How did it sneak up on me like this?IMG_2185(Zane looks surprised, too.)

After having our house on the market for six months, probably ~20 showings, and zero offers, we’re taking a different route. Apparently, with the market this horrible, people are scared to buy….which means there are tons of renters out there! So, we’re exploring the option of a long-term lease on our house. If this works out, we’ll still be putting equity into our home, and could possibly move back into it when we come back! So I’m not really saying good-bye to the house, it’s more of a “see ya later!”Beautiful boyMatt took a quick trip to Madison last weekend to find us a place to live. He got there on Friday afternoon and left Saturday afternoon. Twenty-four hours to find the place we’ll be eating, sleeping, bringing home a new baby, raising two kids, snuggled close under blankets during the coldest winters we’ve ever experience, and spending time as a family for the next three years. Kinda scary that I will be moving to a place that I’ve never stepped foot in. He did find a place (that I love in pictures) and we should know this afternoon if it’s ours or not. Fingers crossed!

Our tentative move date is June 20th. Scheduling movers….still on the to-do list.

I still haven’t taken the MPJE, but I am registered and have study cards! That counts for something, right?? And I have a job! (As long as I take this stoooopid test and pass…) Maybe Z will let me take his ‘banket’ to the test. I bet it’s good luck.Ane's BanketChildcare is our other BIG to-do, but I’m not even gonna think about it until we get there. I just want my boy to be happy and taken care of.IMG_2167In the meantime, I look forward to seeing family and spending time with our friends before we leave. Friends like these two sweet boys :)Ridge&Zane2

And their goofy daddies.Goofy boys

When I see this picture, I can hear his laugh. I have a feeling that laugh is going to be what gets me through those first few weeks in ‘Sconsin. And Kaye Kaye, I promise to be a better blogger, upload lots of videos, and Skype!Laughing boy



Margaret and Marc said...

Good luck with the move! We are headed up north too soon! Not sure of our move date, but we'll be braving the winters as well. Good luck with all of these exciting changes!

Colleen said...

You'll LOVE Madison--promise =) Yes, our winters can be a little harsh, but winning UW teams in football, basketball, men and women's hockey helps take your mind off of it!
Let me wish you an early "Welcome to Wisconsin"!!!!

The Hardin House said...

I keep forgetting to tell you that this post has my FAVORITE picture of Zane... Love that naked booty sitting on his car!! So funny!