Sunday, May 1, 2011



Now that Zane has finally started talking, he has his own little language. Here’s a dictionary of sorts.

Ane: Zane

Ha-ha: paci

Eye-hi’s: glasses (as in eyeglasses or sunglasses)

Fuh-fuh: Tractor

Shoo-shoo: Choo-choo train

She-she: Paisley (our dog)

He-He: Henry (Lindsey’s dog)

Ewwww-ahhhhs: Hugs (Because he always says this while giving a big hug)

If asked what my name is, he says, “Ane’s Mama Shura” and Matt is “Ane’s Dada Att”. He wakes up from his naps yelling, “Ane’s Mama, Ane’s Mama”….so as not to be confused with anyone else’s mom that might be here?

The other day we were strolling out the door--scratch that--making a mad dash out the door, grabbing purse, coffee, Z’s clothes, paci, sippy cup, etc and headed to Conway.  Me: Oh, here’s your chocolate milk. Z: Ooooh, sank you, Mama.  You hold Ane’s ha-ha? (Translation: Oh, thank you, Mama. Will you hold Zane’s paci?)

Another favorite….We were outside and could hear sirens. They sounded like they were getting closer and closer. Me: Those sirens sound like they’re coming to our house, Zane. I hope we didn’t break the law. Zane: I dinn’t bwake waw! (I didn’t break the law.)  I think this is so funny, because he has no idea what “the law” is, he just knew HE didn’t break it!

He’s a very sweet, cuddly boy. He gives great kisses and “ewwww-ahhhhs”. I’ve got him trained pretty well. I just say, “You know what Mama needs?” and he gives me a big kiss!

After many discussions about the baby-in-mommy’s-tummy, he still doesn’t get it. Whenever I ask, “Where’s Mama’s baby?” He point at himself (always his cheek) and says, “Wight dare” (Right there). Aaaaannnd, technically he’s right. He’ll always be mama’s baby! “Dare” has about three syllables. Poor kid is definitely going to be speaking a different language to the people we meet in Wisconsin!



Crady said...

I just love your little Zane! Great post!

Amanda said...

What a cute post. I love that he calls you Ane's Mama and the that he knows he didn't break the law. so sweet!