Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby #2, 15 Weeks



Maybe it’s time that I write about baby #2?!  That’s right, 15 weeks and no hiding the baby bump. Although I can still button my regular pants, it’s much more comfy to just jump into the stretchy pants and enjoy their, well…their stretchiness!

Although we have a lot on our plates right now, Matt and I agree that we are excited about baby #2. What we don’t agree on is baby names. He says mine are either ‘weird’ or boy names that I’m trying to use for a girl. I won’t mention that his favorite girl name is actually a boy name. (Oops, I guess I just did.) His rationale? “But it’s a better boy name.” Huh? Or we agree on the name, but not the spelling. So for now, we refer to this unnamed child as “Peggy Sue”.  Poor little peanut.

I don’t think Zane cares whether he gets a brother or a sister, as long as it’s of the sheep variety.SheepSo far, this pregnancy has seemed easier than the first. I have only been sick a handful of times. Pretty sure I was sick with Zane.  Funny sickness-related story: One morning Zane was in the bathtub and I was ‘hugging’ the toilet. Zane started filling his mouth with water, spitting it in the tub, and saying, “Mama, Ane sick, toooooo!”  No, no you’re not. You’re making fun of me and that’s not very nice.

My only other pregnancy ache/pain so far is round ligament pain. Basically, anytime I get up too fast or, heaven forbid, try to roll over in bed, this incredibly sharp pain shoots through my lower abdomen. One night I woke up screaming in pain. Once I caught my breath and explained what was going on, my sympathetic husband said, “That’ll teach you to roll over.” Thanks, hon.

For some reason, I’ve turned into a great big ole clutz. Last Thursday I fell down the front steps of our house. Long story that starts with me, Zane, a ride-on car, and some steps. Ends with me having two skinned up palms, a skinned knee, and a bruised leg. Oh, and a laughing husband (like I said, sympathetic). Then on Monday night I fell out of my Tahoe. This one starts with a sleeping baby in a carseat and clean (aka SLICK) running boards and ends with a bruised shin and hip, and me busting my bottom in the garage. Don’t worry, Z was still sleeping away, safely in his carseat.

Monday night my great sis-in-law did an ultrasound for us. I have my next appointment on Wednesday, and if nothing has changed, I’ll announce whether we’re cooking up some ‘sugar & spice’ or ‘snakes & snails’.

z&e I’ll end with a random (but great) picture of Zane & his “E”.

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Kristen and David said...

Poor girl! Glad you didn't hurt Peggy Sue with your fall! Can't wait to find out if Baby Bell is a he or a she! How exciting!