Saturday, June 4, 2011

Smart frog

I made my last trip to Hampton on Wednesday. Not last as in forever. Last before moving north. Zane and I spent wednesday & thursday visiting with family, and doing what little boys do best. Riding tractors.

My mom was walking around my grandparents' yard with Zane. Pappaw has lots of 'knick knacks' in the yard, including some frogs. My mom pointed to one of the frogs and said, "What's that frog doing?"
Zane: "I-own-know" (I don't know, his answer to everything)
Nana: "He's drinking a coke and reading a book. He's a smart frog."
Zane: "Ane smart fwog, toooo!"

So, we've been calling him a 'smart frog' since then.

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