Thursday, January 27, 2011

twenty-five months and discovering little people

 IMG_1742Someone challenged me to take Zane’s monthly picture until he is 20 years old. I said I would do my best at chasing him around his college campus with a camera on the 27th of each month, but also made the correction that he would not be 20 years old, but 240 MONTHs.IMG_1743Today he is 25 months and actually wanted his picture taken. No, really. He pointed to my camera and said, “Cheese, Mama!”  So, I quickly jumped at the opportunity!IMG_1744And by ‘little people’ I mean Fisher-Price.  Zane got a Fisher-Price farm set for his birthday and it came with a free DVD called Discovering Animals. I really didn’t think much about it until I found it in a drawer in his room on Sunday.

We just might start referring to life in terms of Pre- and Post-Little People.  It’s a 25 minute video, consisting of 5 short episodes. IN CLAYMATION!, which totally creeps me out! I don’t even like the Rudolph movie because claymation is creepy! Back to the LP. The episodes have the little people characters…….If you’ve ever wondered, their names are Michael, Maggie, Sonya Lee, Farmer Jed, Sarah Lynn and Eddie. Zane watches it over and over and over! It seriously haunts my dreams. And, get this, Aaron Neville sings the theme song and an intro about the main character in each episode. Youtube it. See what Zane’s obsessed with.IMG_1762He refused a nap today. He REALLY needed a nap. I REALLY needed him to nap. When naptime comes and goes and he’s still awake…..uh, he turns into this:devilA devil in disguise?  I dunno what happens in his little head, but he starts whining and crying and pointing but never using words and i have no idea what he wants or what’s wrong with him and it drives me crazy! And then he becomes so clumsy. It’s like he forgets how to walk, trips over things, flips his rocking chair over and falls out, etc.

When everything else fails….bring out the Little People! I was looking at the cover of the DVD and realized it said ‘Volume 3’. Ah ha! That means there are more of these creepy things out there! I decided to get online and try to find the other videos but kept getting interrupted with, “Mama, UP! Ane’s room. Mama, MAma, MAAAAma, MaMAAAA, MAMAAAAAAA!”

So I  Youtubed it and sat him on the couch.  I think it worked a little toooo well.IMG_1749 IMG_1748Because now it’s 5:30pm. Too late for a nap, too early for bed, and he’s asleep. Now what???

He looks so cozy. And he totally uses the fact that he’s so darn cute as a defense mechanism. Cause watching this little angel (that’s right, no longer a devil) sleep melts my heart. IMG_1754IMG_1756

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Dawn said...

I agree that the claymation is creepy. But "ane" is so stinkin' cute! :)