Saturday, January 8, 2011


 On mornings that Zane decides to eat, he likes to eat oatmeal. He also likes to ‘help’ me make it. First, we pour the oatmeal into his Elmo bowl. He always sneaks a few bites of dry oatmeal, just like his dad. Then he tells me, “Hot, Mama!”, which means it’s time to put the milk or water in the microwave and then add it to the oatmeal.

Zane got this kitchen for Christmas. He loves it.


Yesterday, Z went and got a package of oatmeal out of the cabinet. He threw it in here:

IMG_1692And then told me, “Hot, Mama!”  Funny boy! I guess that’s one way of letting me know he’s hungry!


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Dawn said...

very cute! SO stinkin' grown up!

I guess I'll have to start reading the blog again so I can catch up on lil Z after y'all head north in search of allergies :)