Friday, February 4, 2011

It’s a good thing he likes it….

The SNOW, that is! It would be a long three years in Wisconsin if he didn’t. As you can tell, that’s pure joy on his face!IMG_1779IMG_1778This boy loves playing in the snow. In fact, it’s quite the challenge to get him back inside where it’s warm.IMG_1767IMG_1773It’s a good thing his snow suit from last year still fits. Yup, it’s a 12 month. So was the sweater he wore to Wal-Mart this morning.

We braved our way to Wally World this morning…not because I was freaking out about bread and milk, just because we had NO groceries. Worst Wal-Mart trip ever! Not because there were a ton of people, but because Zane had a crying, screaming fit for about 30 minutes! He was yelling something about Sponge Bob. I dunno? If I could’ve figured out what he wanted, I would’ve happily given it to him. Just to shut.him.up. I felt like all of Pulaski County was staring at me. Oh, yeah…back to the fun stuff.IMG_1781 He sure was happy to be out playing in the snow!

And he looooves eating the snow!IMG_1785 IMG_1791 IMG_1792IMG_1793 Not sure why he crawled around in it for a long time.IMG_1782Then we came inside, changed clothes, and got cuddly on the couch.  Here’s hoping for a long winter’s nap!IMG_1796 IMG_1798

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