Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day


IMG_1540Zane Bell decided to sleep until 8:30am Christmas morning! He must’ve been worn out from the Christmas Eve festivities. He was so excited to see that Santa had brought him a train table, Jeep Rubicon, Rex, Slinky Dog, blocks and other goodies! He must have been a really good boy this year!IMG_1542 IMG_1579IMG_1549IMG_1561IMG_1557IMG_1598

Who is that?!

IMG_1601 Oh, it’s Zane Bell!


Couldn’t leave out the puppy dogs & their new coats!


Then we put our, um, boots? on and headed to south Arkansas to see Nana, Pops, and Uncle Bob!

IMG_1603We had dinner with the Chambliss, Patterson, & Shankles families. Zane got an assortment of hats and once again got to play in a box!IMG_1607  IMG_1612 IMG_1614 IMG_1616

We went back to Nana and “I”'s house to open gifts.IMG_1624But before Zane was half way through with his enormous pile of gifts, he got a little sleepy…. IMG_1625So, the next morning….Santa came to Nana’s house! This time he brought a shopping cart & groceries and a JOHN DEERE TRACTOR! Zane’s very own ‘shushu’!IMG_1627  IMG_1631 IMG_1648 IMG_1639

He looks like he’s doing some serious farm work!

More Christmas 2010 to come….

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