Friday, October 15, 2010

twenty-one months


twenty one months

That face has ‘mischief’ written all over it.  And his body language describes him perfectly. Busy. He never stops moving. Matt said, “Zane jumps from one place to the next. And if he can’t decide where he wants to go next, he just runs in place.”  True.

IMG_1065 IMG_1061 And he’s SO sweet. Like, really really sweet. He gives hugs and kisses all the time. He gives the best hugs. He hugs with his whole body and gives a “uuuhh” at the end. He gave me no less than 25 kisses on the hand today while I was pushing him in a cart through Hobby Lobby. He randomly runs up to me during the day and kisses my leg. I got so many kisses on the leg today while brushing my teeth that it left a big ole wet spot on my pants.

IMG_1070I noticed today that there’s a button on my oven labeled “Stop Time”. I wish that worked today. That I could stop time and he would be this sweet little boy forever. That I could hear that sweet little voice say, “Hi Mama, Hi Dada” everyday. That he would never outgrow the age where it’s okay to kiss us on the lips. 100 times a day.  

IMG_1069 - Copy

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Ashley Fisher :) said...

He looks so much older! He is such a cutie!! Wish him and Annabelle could play!