Saturday, October 2, 2010




Welp, call me super mom. I’ve let a whole month and six days get by me without writing anything about Zane. At this age he seems to change day to day, so I’m not sure I can  remember a month of ‘stuff’. 

Maybe he’ll forgive me for letting so much time go by without documenting his life when I tell him that he was a whole 1 year, 8 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days before he finally gave into calling me “mama”.  I’ve never heard a sweeter little voice.  Hearing him say, “mama” to get my attention is so much more pleasant than him just screaming or yelling until I responded. It was either that, or dada. He still comes up to me and taps my leg and says, “dada”.  “Nooooo. Who am I?”  “Oh, mama.” Like he’s thinking, ‘Whatever woman, just do what I want, ok? Does it really matter what I call you?’

Yes, little boy, it does.

Now I know that he’s had the ability to say mama for about a year now. I’ve heard him when he thought no one was around. I really think he’s just a tiny bit of a turd.  Prime example: When pointing to a picture of Matt and asking, “Who is that?” “Dada”.  Point to my picture and ask.  Silence. Maaaayyyybe, if he was feeling generous, he would at least point to me and grunt. 

Or when Matt would get home from work, Zane would say, “Hi DaDa!” Matt would say, “Hi ZaneZane! Can you say ‘Hi Mama?’”  Cue to Zane looking at me, looking back and Matt, and with a smug little expression saying, “Hi Dada!”.  

ERgggg. Excuse me? Who got up with you at 5:45am, changed your stinky poopy diaper, fixed you a sippy cup of milk, fed you breakfast, changed your clothes, fixed you another sippy cup of milk (oh, you don’t want milk now? you’d rather have juice? ok, let me fix you another one), let you pull every shoe out of my closet just so that I could put on deodorant and brush my teeth, took you to the park, zoomed you around on your Handy Manny truck, fixed you another sippy cup, fed you lunch, put you down for a nap, held you on the couch and fed you a snack while watching Toy Story, here’s yet another sippy cup, AND FIXED YOUR DINNER?!??!!??? Oh, really? Here’s a clue: IT WAS MAMA!


***UPDATE*** So I started this post about two weeks ago….and am just now getting back to it. I guess his 20 month and 21 month post will have to be a combo!

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Amanda said...

What a little stinker!! I wonder what his deal was about resisting saying "Mama." That had to be frustrating for you. I'm glad he's finally come to his senses:)