Wednesday, October 6, 2010

St. Simon’s Island

IMG_0939We decided to try a new location for vacation this year and headed to St. Simon’s Island, GA. We went the last week of August and practically had the place to ourselves. You can see that the beach is practically deserted behind Zane.


(My brother said he was watching for Uncle Bob to sail by in this picture)

While the water wasn’t quite the clear, blue water we’re used to in Florida, it was still really nice.The sand was really wet and packed, which I considered a bonus. More fun to dig in, didn’t blow all over us or really even stick to our feet!

IMG_0848Zane’s started a new ‘game’ while we were there. We had to pretend we were asleep and he would wake us up. Of course, we had to act totally surprised when we ‘woke up’. He would sometimes pretend he was asleep, too, but then got a little confused when we tried to ‘wake’ him up. Here’s his “asleep” face.IMG_0891 Zane’s favorite part of the trip was getting spoiled by DeeDee and Skeet.

IMG_0955 More pics of my little beach bumIMG_0859 IMG_0864 IMG_0865 (2) IMG_0876 IMG_0897 IMG_0900

The St. Simon’s Island LighthouseIMG_0904 IMG_0909 IMG_0911 IMG_0921 IMG_0879 IMG_0966 IMG_0929 IMG_0930

Zane has his fingers stuck in his ears in this picture, which reminds me that he got an ear infection the first day we were there. He would sign ‘more’ after we put his ear drops in. What kid wants more ear drops?? They must have made his ear feel much better!IMG_0925IMG_0861

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