Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fifteen months

 Hey, Zane!


Yes, you with the dirty collar. Will you sit here so that I can take your 15 month pictures…..11 days late?

Here, Mom?DSCN1988

Yep. Right there.

Well, I guess…but, there’s a lot of other things I could be doing, ya know. DSCN1991

Like what, little boy?

First of all, this blanket is soooo soft. I need to rub my face on it for a minute. Can you still see me?

DSCN1979And sitting is not my style. I’d much rather be standing.

DSCN1981 See those toys over there? I need to go play with them.

DSCN1983 And my shoe is coming off. Can we fix that?


Ok, Mom. Your thirty seconds is up. See ya later!


And so goes “Raising Zane”. He’s a handful. And that’s an understatement. I love 15 months.

He sleeps all night, most nights. And I’m talking 10 to 12 hours! PRAISE THE LORD! He takes a ~2hr nap in the morning and may or may not take an afternoon nap.

His new word is “hot”. He whispers it and you can’t really hear the “t”.  The impressive part is that he understands the concept of hot. He says it when we light candles, turn on the stove, take a drink of coffee, etc.

He likes to “smell” flowers and candles. Instead of breathing in, he blows out. He scrunches up his nose, pokes out his lips, and points to whatever he wants to smell.

He cries whenever I, DeeDee, or Nana Beth walk out of the room.

He loves to wave and smile at EVERYONE! And he won’t stop until he gets a response.

He really likes wearing hats. He tries to put them on himself, then fusses until we put it on him.

He sticks out his tongue when asked where his tongue is and pretends to blow his nose when asked where his nose is. He also takes his paci out when his dad says, “Zane, take that paci out of your mouth!”

He says “Lola” as soon as we pull into DeeDee & Skeet’s driveway.

He leans down and gives the dogs hugs. Sometimes he’ll give us hugs when we ask for them.

He would live outside. Hot, cold, rain, or shine. 

If he has to be inside the house, he’d prefer to be in the bathtub. He helps take his shirt off and hikes his leg up on the side of the tub, trying to get in. He sticks his head under the running water, puts his face in the water, lays on his belly and looks like he’s doing the breaststroke (puts one ear in the water then the other.) Laughs when I lay him on his back to rinse his hair. But he’d rather I just dump a big ole cup of water on his head. That’s Hi.Larious. to him.

He loves to go in and out of the shower. Over and over again. Once he’s inside, with the door closed, he waves at us until we acknowledge him.

He loves chocolate. :)  The other night I told him, “No, we can’t have Cadbury Mini Eggs right now. It’s bedtime.” I took the bag and put it back on the counter. As I carried him to his room, he literally stuck his hand IN MY MOUTH to make sure I didn’t get one!  What a toot head. Kinda made me feel guilty for eating some after he went to bed….

We love you, Zane Tumnus Bear.

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Faith said...

Love it! Especially the nickname... Tumnus is SUCH a Narnian name:)