Monday, April 12, 2010


 My Easter post is a “little behind”.



Why is there some unspoken weather rule that it MUST be cold and rainy every year on Easter day? Sunday morning was beautiful! I made the mistake of saying so out loud to Matt. So after church, of course it cooled down and began to sprinkle.


DSCN1939 Luckily, the rain was short lived and we were even able to have our Easter egg hunt outside. Yes, I’m thirty. Yes, I still hunt Easter eggs. Last year I was out of my game and only found five eggs. This year, however, I found 22 eggs! Woot woot! Oh, yeah….and Zane found ten eggs with the help of his DeeDee.  I have no pictures of us hunting eggs because I was zoned in on the task at hand. 


Zane had fun blowing bubbles with DeeDee. He even put some of the soap in his mouth and blew his own bubbles.

DSCN1966 DSCN1964

His new ‘trick’ was hilarious. He would put half of a plastic egg in his mouth and it would cover his nose. Then he would bite down on it and it would pop out of his mouth, shooting across the room! Silly boy.DSCN1952

And once again, I must add the “bunny” pics that I’m sure he’ll kill me for when he’s a teenager. But they are so stinkin cute.DSCN1977 Thanks Aunt Lindsey for the new little lamb!

DSCN1971 There’s gotta be a few more eggs around here somewhere….


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