Tuesday, April 2, 2013

seventeen months.

She's a feisty one! She's all sugar and a whole lotta spice!

Love her curls and that grin!

She loves Paisley and Emma. As soon as we get downstairs in the mornings, she goes to their kennel and says, "PUP-pies! PUP-pies!" As soon as they're taken care of, she runs to her high chair and starts yelling, "Bites!" or "ice". We're still confused though, because "ice" doesn't actually mean ice.
She loves pushing her baby around in the stroller, but her temper flares if the baby falls out or she gets the stroller stuck.
The baby gates proved no match for this smarty pants. She started going upstairs by herself. At first she wouldn't attempt the trip back down. Then she got up the courage to go down. She always goes on her booty. We hovered for a few weeks, but eventually she proved to have way more energy than us. Hopefully we can stay accident-free for four more weeks and then we'll be back in our one-level house.
Running off her chicken nuggets.
She loves to rock her baby in her little chair. Especially right after she gets out of the tub. That naked little booty runs straight to her chair!
I can just hear her little voice when I see this picture. "BE!" She says it really high-pitched and forceful. I think she's referring to her blankie as "be". She's also started calling herself "HaHa". So cute.
I can't imagine the last seventeen months without this sweet, beautiful girl.We love you, precious Hollin Bell.


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