Tuesday, April 30, 2013

eighteen months.

This has been one of those months where she's changed so much. Most notably, her speech. She can say anything she wants. She calls Zane "Z" and yells for him around the house, especially in the mornings. She's an early riser (6:15am) and Z prefers to sleep a little later (7:30ish). She can say everyone's names (mama, dada, haha, nana, I, deedee, e, tyty, sissy, bob, etc). She yells, "Siela! Skye!" everytime we go outside or back out of the driveway.
Other words include: Emma, PUP-py, baby, blankie, please, thank you, shoo-wee, good morning, YEAH!, and no. She says, "I want....." and points. Never actually says what she wants. Just that 'she wants'.
She makes her 'serious face' where she lowers her head and furrows her eyebrows. And a 'rock-n-roll' face.

Another common word I hear way too often is "mine". She does not share we'll. We are working on sharing with her brother. Constantly. She likes to push him in the face as she announces, "mine!" His patience is pretty good for a four year old....but the tattling. Oh, the tattling.

Take one look at her and it's obvious she's a toddler and no longer a baby. Love that she's a little more independent, but sad to lose my baby.

Zane and Hollin, both at 18 months.



michelle said...

I'm just a blog peeper from CA who has loved your blog and am missing hearing about your life again after your move back home. :) I have a little boy & little girl myself (now 5 and 2) and identify with you in so many ways. (I first loved your blog because Zane was the name we chose for our 2nd child had she been a boy.) :) Hoping all is well with you and hoping to see your sweet family again in posts in the near future! :)

michelle said...

Just a blog peeker from CA who is missing your blog updates. :) Have loved them as I too have a boy & girl (5 and almost 3 years) and can identify with your life. (I first loved your blog because of your Zane...which was the name we'd chosen had our youngest been a boy.) :) I hope all is well since your move back home & I'm really hoping to see updates of your sweet family in the blog world again soon!