Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Never leaving.

Y'all. I'm about to lose my sheet here.

First of all, nap time is a necessity. Hollin's nap keeps me half-way sane. Hollin is terrible at "transferring". If she falls asleep in the car it is close to impossible to get her into her bed and keep her asleep. Close to impossible, but still possible.

Enter Zane.

We have pep talks on the way home. About how we're gonna be quiet. About how he isn't going to say a SINGLE word when I bring her in. I take him in first and put him in his "cubby hole" for "rest time" (which may or may not result in a nap these days). "Shhh, Zane. Be sooo quiet, ok?"

I successfully get her out of the carseat and into the house. The hardest part, right? And that's when it happens. He whispers from the living room. "Hiiiii, Mommy. I love you, mommy."

And that's all it takes. The sound of his voice, and those eyes come open. She's awake.

AS IF saying something sweet will keep him out of trouble.

So then I leave her in her crib screaming. She NEVER goes back to sleep. And my blood boils. Like, I'm so mad that I can't discipline him because I don't trust myself. I can't talk because I know I'll scream. I can't spank him because he'd probably get a good ole "pick your own switch" kind of beatin'.

So that's it. I'm never leaving the house close to nap time ever again. If you're wondering why I got fat, it's because I can't go to the gym. No more lunch dates. No morning errands. It's either that or I join the Wine of the Day Club. They have those, right?



Morgan Smith said...

oh sarah! i can so relate! and you make me laugh:)

Melanie said...

let's drink via skype together. totally know what is going on as we deal with it at our house too.

barri said...

Exactly what T does, exactly! I relate x2 and missing that nap also makes my blood boil. I depend on that nap. Connor is pretty good about going down but Syler is not and when he screams its ear piercing and THAT is what ends up waking Connor. Blah!

Julee said...

OMG! I am right there with you! No napping just about kills me and the past few weeks, the screaming in the crib at nap time just about makes me loose my sheet too! :)

kinsey said...

I just randomly found your blog and this made me laugh. Leave him in the car! I always take the sleeper in first so that the house stays quiet while you get them to their bed ;)