Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a superhero turns four.

As Zane was getting ready to take a nap on his birthday, he said, "While I'm sleeping you go decorate for my party. I want games, balloons, party hats, and those party things that you blow." This was a big deal for two reasons.
1. A few weeks before Zane's birthday, I asked him if he wanted to help me pick out his party supplies. He gave me the ole stink eye. "Mama. You are NOT 'uh-pposed' (supposed) to tell people about their birthdays. It's uh-pposed to be 'uh-prize' (surprise). Ooookay.
2. I forgot all of his party decorations (that I made sure to buy in secret) in Conway. My little hometown of 1500 people is not known for its shopping opportunities. But, with a little improvising with goodies from The Dollar General and another fabulous cake made by my brother, we were good to go!

Seriously. Uncle Bob and Aunt Gigi made this. Zane is one lucky boy. You can see the other cakes he made for Zaney's 2nd and 3rd birthdays by clicking the links. Always a hit. Never any leftovers. Thank you, Uncle Bob!
He had the biggest smile while we sang to him. And then he closed his eyes really tight and made a wish. Favorite wish ever.
"I wish all presents were all mine for all life. AMEN." I'm sure one day he'll make a selfless wish like, "I wish all kids had toys and food and a mommy and daddy." Right? But the way he ended it with "Amen" was just too precious.
Different party, same wish. Love the way he's looking at Lindsey in this one.

Superhero cupcakes. Joint effort by practically the entire Bell family. Delish.

Sweet birthday boy. He was so excited!



Dollar Store Merchandise Suppliers said...

Your blog is awesome. Cheers! Good luck and more power!

Lauren said...

He is so precious. And I LOVE his birthday wish / prayer, lol! How sweet that he thinks all birthday parties are uh-posed to be a surprise.

Faith said...

Awesome:) And Lee looks just like your dad:)