Friday, January 18, 2013

fifteen months.

Little miss Hollin is striking a pose! This cute girl has the best personality. She laughs at everything. Not just a giggle, but a full-out, head thrown back, mouth wide open, belly laugh!
She's walking everywhere. Loves to sing. We could've sworn she sang the first part of "Away in a Manger" at the Christmas Eve service. So she walks around talking and singing jibberish all the time. My favorite is when she shakes her head around and jibber jabbers, like she's really telling a good story.

Still loves this blankie. And usually has it in her mouth.

She's got the sweetest voice. Every time someone walks in the room, she says, "Hi!" with a big smile on her face. She says "bye" and waves. Blows kisses. Gives kisses. Dances. Her signature dance move is the one hand wave. Loves to shake her head 'no' at me. Started calling her daddy "Matt" and me "Ma". Pets and hugs the "pups" and tells them, "back!" She called Lindsey "Sissy" twice at Zane's birthday party. Says "book" 1000 times a day. She'll bring me a book and then back her little booty down into my lap so that I can read to her. Still eats And girl is NOT afraid to raid a candy stash. Sleeps 10 or 11 hours at night. Takes one nap a day. Usually about 1.5 hours. It seems like they're so short because I'm used to Zane's two or three hour naps. But she wakes up happy, so I'll take it.

She loves her brother more than anything. I love this picture because I know she's looking up at him. Watching everything he does. Sweet, sweet girl.


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