Monday, October 15, 2012

Nana & I

My parents, "Nana & I", came to Wisconsin the last week of September. South Arkansas was experiencing weather in the high 80s and 90s, so I'm not sure that they were prepared for the little pop of cold weather that we got right before their arrival! It was 34° and raining the morning we picked them up at the airport.

We stayed pretty busy with activities. We went to the park and played a couple of times. We bundled Hollin in this snowsuit from last year. It was a little too small and wouldn't button between her legs! It kept her warm and cozy though! I love this picture of Hollin and my mom. They are twins!

I know this looks crazy because we are all bundled up and he's got on short sleeves. But this little toot head would NOT put a coat on! He had to "do it MY way!" I guess superheroes don't get cold?

Fun grandparents, huh? Wish we lived closer so that they could play more often. Soon....
The cold weather was the perfect excuse to light the fire pit. We cooked brats (like good little temporary Wisconsin residents) and made s'mores.
And Hollin proved that she looks cute in a hat.

We went to the zoo....

And to Schuster's Playtime Farm. We went last year with Matt's parents when Hollin was just 12 days old.

And then this little cowboy flew home with Nana and I.


Little sister wasn't too sure what to think about being an only child. One morning she found a picture of Zane and carried it around with her all day.

Daddy bought her some new outfits and she got some good snuggle time in with him.

Six days later we packed our bags! I think it was kind of obvious by the clothes that I packed that we were headed to Arkansas.

One random airport picture that I took during our trip home.


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