Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dee and Doot

Matt's mom and grandma (Dee Dee and Mama Doot) came to visit us a few weeks ago. Mama Doot had never been to Wisconsin before, so we were so excited to show her our little neck of the woods. Unfortunately, the trip started out with Mama Doot taking a little tumble in our driveway. It was actually more than just 'a little tumble', but after a quick trip to the ER, a clear CT, and four staples to the head, we still mananged to show her a good time. I think Mama Doot's favorite part of the trip might have been reading books to Hollin.

These pictures were taken at Olbrich Botanical Gardens, one of our favorite places. The weather was perfect. The kiddos were pretty good, too.

I had to crop this next picture of Zane and enlarge it because the face he's making just cracks me up!
Sweet brother and sister sitting on the elephant together for the first time. "Baby" had to go on the trip with us. She even got to sit on the elephant.
Thanks for coming, ya'll! We had so much fun! Having a little bit of Arkansas coming to see us sure makes the homesickness go away for a little bit.


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HickChickBritt said...

The picture of the two of them sitting on the elephant is so cute. They look so much alike in that picture!