Sunday, May 20, 2012

April in Arkansas

Zane flew to Arkansas April 10th to spend a little extra time with our families. Our house was notably quiet without the rambunctious three year old bouncing off of the walls. We missed the little guy. Not so sure he missed us.

He might have been more excited about seeing Lola than anyone else. She slept with him every night. They really are best friends. Lola was probably his first word.

He enjoyed dressing up as a different character everyday. Here he is as 'Pirate Man Zane'. I think the entire third week he was 'Chief (as in Fire Chief) Zane 24/7. My favorite is that he went to Ed's Bakery in his Woody costume. Someone asked him if he was dressed as Woody. His answer: "No. I AM Woody!"

He also had fun being Cowboy Zane while in Hampton. He went to Hogskin Holidays and the rodeo.

Ten looong days later, Hollin and I flew to Arkansas. I felt like Superwoman getting both of us to the airport. I got up at 3:30am, drove both of us to the airport, parked, and unloaded. I then managed to get Hollin, the carseat, stroller, diaper bag, carry-on bag, and suitcase from the truck into the airport. In the rain. When American Airlines told me that my bag was (nine pounds) over 50 lbs I knew there was no way I was going back out to the truck to unload or rearrange. I just decided that I'd pay the extra money. I assumed it would be another $25. Let me just say that I was wrong. Very, very wrong. Wrong times four. There was absolutely nothing I could do other than pay the money and feel totally taken advantage of. BUT, I knew I would see my sweet baby boy in a few short hours, so I just let it go!

Flying with Hollin was once again a breeze. I was also blessed to sit by some extremely nice and helpful people.

A wedding post is coming soon....

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HickChickBritt said...

What?! They charged you $100 for your bag being 9 pounds over. That is crazy! You should feel like Superwoman though. I have just barely mastered, getting Hayes and I in the car, when we are going to be gone most of the day.