Friday, June 8, 2012


In the past year, we've been home to Arkansas for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and three family weddings. Unfortunately, our trip home last week was not for a happy occassion. We drove throught the night on Tuesday after getting the call that Mama Lou (my dad's mom) was in ICU. We spent the day with her Wednesday and said our final goodbyes to her on Thursday.

Being an adult is not always fun. Life and death decisions suck. And watching someone struggle for life is heartbreaking. So glad that we can take comfort in knowing that she's in a better place now. That Jesus promises a life everlasting. That she's finally home.

Mama Lou meeting Hollin, her first great-granddaughter, in November.

She was proud of her family. Four kids, eight grandkids, and three great-grands. She wanted me to make Zane's middle name Hollingsworth, to honor our family. I jokingly told her that I wouldn't do that to a child...that's alot to spell! But I did shorten it and came up with the name 'Hollin'.

Holding Hollin on Christmas day, soon after her shoulder surgery.

Keri's bridal shower in the fall

In her younger years, holding Andy.

The day of Lee's wedding, Matt and I made a quick trip to see her. When we walked in she said, "I knew you'd bring that baby to see me!" So glad that we did. Her house is about 50 yards from my parents' house, so going "home" will always feel a little different now.



Anonymous said...

I have been surfing and found you blog. Had to tell you that my son's name is Zane Hollingsworth! It's a small world. Joyce

Melanie said...

thinking of you and your sweet family, S.

and love that that's how you came up with hollin's name. what a perfect tribute to what seems like an amazing woman.

The Bells said...

How, nearly six years later, am I just now seeing this? Zane Hollingsworth?! Crazy! Where do you live?