Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter in Wisconsin. A little sad to not be with our families, but thankful for our little family of four. We went to the 9:30 service at Door Creek. Zane loves Sunday School. I asked him what he learned today. "Jesus died." And then what happened? "He colored this picture." The attention span of a three year old! Ha! We talked last night about Easter, and what it means. Oh man, you wouldn't believe the questions that followed! Just a few: "Why those bad guys killed Jesus? They kill his mama and dada, too? Where those bad guys live? Jesus was SO mad at them? What was in that cave?" I think the Easter story is a little deep for this little guy, but we're planting the seeds.

Hollin went into church with Matt and I. She was pretty darn perfect. I wish I had a picture of her from the last 15 minutes of the service when she was snuggled up on her daddy's shoulder.
Matt worked yesterday and last night, so we decided that the easiest way to do lunch was to let Cracker Barrel do the cooking! Yummy and reminds us of the south. The first time either of us has ever eaten in a restaurant on a major holiday. Our neighbors are so sweet and have invited us to eat Easter dinner with them. Looking forward to good food and good friends. Zane loves their little girl, Siela. They will have fun hunting eggs together. I'll do another post of them from yesteray hunting eggs together. I'll also get pictures of the Easter baskets after Z & H wake up from naps. For now, more pictures from this morning.
The cute babies

The boys

The girls

The ones you usually don't see...

Happy Easter!





Faith said...

It's been years since we did Easter with the was too hard to split. I do miss them terribly, but we always enjoy celebrating the risen Christ as our family of four:) As for Cracker Barrel, we ordered and brought it home for Thanksgiving and though I feel like a heel for not cooking, it was DELICIOUS! Happy Easter!

Dianne Cordell said...

I love your blog. Your children are so cute. I was thinking of Easter's from years ago today. I miss my Grandma so much during Easter. We always met at her house. Take care.

Melanie said...

girl, you look amazing! love your dress. :)

Allyson Petty said...

Precious!!! They look beautiful! And so do you!
We also eat out for Easter, and Christmas Eve this year was spent at Chick-Fil-A. Oh well!!!! Love and miss you!

Beth Ann said...

What a beautiful family!! And you look A-mazing :)