Thursday, January 5, 2012

i make you funny?



Zane. What.a.character. We thought he would never talk. He showed no real interest in verbal communication (other than crying) until he was about 26 months old. Fast forward to 36 months and the kid never stops talking.

The phrases I hear at least 286 times a day include:

“You wanna pwaaaay wiv me?” He repeats this over and over even when I’m IN THE FLOOR playing with him!

“Mommy, mommy watch this!” Not always followed by something good….

“Help me find my____” (usually it’s Finn McMissle, Holly Shiftwell, or Farmer Jed)

Every morning he asks where ‘Dada Matt Bell’ is. Lately he’s been calling him ‘Dada Matt Schnell’. After I tell him that dad's at work he says, “He always at work. Those people feel better yet?” He knows that Matt goes to work to ‘help sick people feel better’.

He wants ‘baby Hayin’ to lay with him. When she cries he sings, “Baby Hayin, Don’t Cryyyyy!” and talks baby talk to her. “Hi baby sister. It’ll be otay. I wuv you.”

Today she started crying in her swing while I was in the kitchen fixing him ‘a-hah jew’ (apple juice). “Mamaaaaa! Her cwyin! Her STRAIGHT UP cwyin ‘bout her milk!”  I asked him to repeat it and then died out laughing! He said, “Mama, I make you funny?”

And my favorite conversation of late went like this:

Me: You need to wash your hands because they may have germs on them.

Z: I don’t see them germs.

Me: That’s because they’re too small to see.

Z: We need a telescope.

Me: You mean ‘microscope’.

Z: I not mean.

So he wasn’t concerned that I called him a microscope, just that I called him a mean one. And, for the record, I have NO.IDEA. how he knows about telescopes and microscopes.IMG_4140


Allyson Petty said...

I love this kid. and baby Hollin. and you. and I guess Matt, too.

Whitney said...

I miss you and those kiddos! I have been laughing so hard catching up on the blog! Give them kisses for me!