Monday, January 16, 2012

3 months old


h3monthsHa-ha-Bear. Princess Poodle Doodle. Bear bear. Whatever you wanna call her, Hollin is the sweetest baby girl ever. She hardly ever cries…only when she’s really hungry or if I’m not around. So she’s really a mama’s girl. Like, “oh, mom went downstairs to zumba and dad’s in charge? WHAAAA!!! I WANT MY MAMA!” It looks a little like this…IMG_4204 And really there’s nothing wrong with her. As soon as I pick her up or even talk to her, she stops. I’m not sure how she knows it’s me, but you better believe that she does. Little stinker.h3months2 She sleeps at least six hours at night. Sometimes seven. She doesn’t cry when she wakes up, just grunts or goos.h3months3She’s wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes.h3months5She tried out the bumbo & liked it for a little bit.bumboShe’s got the best big brother. He can always get a smile out of her. Her right tear duct must be opening some because her eye is draining less. Zane says, “Her eye wuhk a little bettuh now?”eyebigbrotherShe’s my little laundry buddy, content to hang out.laundry“Bubbles” is her newest nickname. That’s how I know she’s mad at me. Like, if she’s in the swing and ready to get out, instead of crying or yelling…she starts blowing bubbles. Sometimes her whole shirt will be wet. And she’s got the best cheeks ever.IMG_4318Here’s a picture of Zane at three months. He had some good cheeks, too. :)z3monthI love this sweet girl. Can I just bottle her up and keep this sweetness forever? And then when she’s 13 and gives me that ‘mom-you-just-don’t-understand’ look I can open it up and remember the days when she thought I was pretty great? pretty please?shot_1326744902108

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