Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random phone pics

What two year old doesn’t love Thin Mints….in the bathtub?  Diva.1thinmintsIt’s been a tough day.  He really needed to relax on the massager to work the kinks out of his back.  Right.1massage The best way to take a toddler to a restaurant! Not a peep through the whole meal.1asleep This meal, on the other hand, didn’t go as well. Of course this bowl had milk in it when he decided it made a great hat.1bowlZane was very interested in the fish as it was being reeled in, even touched it while Skeet held it. But once it fell on the dock and started flopping around….he wanted NOTHING more to do with it!fish


I love this picture. My dad, “I”, with his little cowboy on the horse.z&IZane pretending to be asleep in the front yard.asleepgrassOne of his favorite activities, playing on the tractor. Who needs clothes?tractorAnd, finally, Zane and his buddy, Parker.  Just cruisin’ around in the Jeep. Don’t they both just look thrilled?z&p   

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