Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowy day randoms

Not a lot of excitement going on here. Just more and more snow!  Zane is still loving it and wants to go ‘ah-ha’ (outside) all the time. Unfortunately, it was 16 degrees here this morning, so I held him off until after lunch. By then it was a balmy 26! IMG_1802Usually snow in Arkansas is a HUGE deal, but we’ve had so much this year that I think Zane is no longer impressed by it.  I guess this is good practice for me getting us both bundled up and out the door!  I’m sure we’ll be doing a lot of this in Wisconsin next year!

Some of these pictures were taken with my phone, so they’re a little blurry.zaneinthesnowThis boy really loves the snow! As soon as we step out the door he starts rolling around in the snow! He just laughs and jabbers and has a great time!  Kind of reminds me of the way he acts in the swimming pool…just jumps right on in!IMG_1815 He LOVED the neighbors’ sled. It had a rope attached with a handle that was just perfect for me pulling him around. It was so much easier to pull than I anticipated.IMG_1811IMG_1813zane and kinkinHe loved riding with “Kin Kin”.

I thought he was going to fall asleep riding on the sled because it was a little, ok a lot, past naptime.

Speaking of it being past naptime, here he is throwing a little tantrum in front of the neighbors’ door. I’m sure they wondered what all the commotion was going on outside their door.IMG_1814Here’s my cute little snow bunny.IMG_1799Yesterday when we came in, Zane’s hands and feet had gotten wet and were freezing! They were so red and I felt horrible. Today I tried something different. I kept him in his footie pajamas under his snow suit. Then I put a pair of my really long, thick socks on his feet and up over the snow suit. I also put a pair on his hands (over his mittens) and pulled the socks up under his snow suit. This kept his mittens from falling off and snow from getting down in them. Worked like a charm! His hands and feet were completely dry and warm when we came back inside!

Finally, here are a few pics from my camera from the last two snowed-in days.

 retro1retro2  retro3

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