Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fourteen months


DSCN1680As long as I post before he turns fifteen months, it still counts, right? And that’s still 16 days away. Which is more than half a month. So if you round down, I’m still closer to fourteen than fifteen months. The months seem to go by so quickly these days. He’s really starting to look like a little boy in his pictures now.

He’s learned how to get out of the chair now. Turn around, lay on his belly, and go feet first. Great that he falls less. Not so great for pictures.  (Note the arm holding him in place)

fourteen months

Some things he’s doing this month…. He kinda chuckles when he sees someone he recognizes. Like a deep “huh huh”.  When I tell him to tell someone hi, he waves and usually gives sheepish grin.  He carries around our phones, or anything similar to a phone, holds it up to his ear, and walks around saying, “Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh.”  When I wiggle my fingers like I’m about to tickle him, he grins really big and starts wiggling his fingers, too.


Even though Matt insists that this is my blog and not our blog, I like to get some input from him. Maybe someday Zane will want to read this stuff, and he might want to know what his dad was thinking, too. So, from Matt, “Zane is a head injury waiting to happen, but he is wonderfully entertaining and I love him so much.”

That’s good stuff, coming from Matt. Pretty sure he’s had a head injury or two in his day. But it’s true. The knot that Zane got in KC is still present. As soon as it starts to heal he re-injures it. Somehow, every time he falls, he manages to hit that Every.darn.time. I texted Matt today and asked him if we should get Zane a helmet. I was (sorta) kidding. Ok, I was totally serious. I am determined that it will be healed my the time I take his fifteen month pictures. Or at least by his Aunt Lindsey’s wedding. May 29th. Surely….by then?

We took him to the park for the first time the other day. Our neighborhood park just doesn’t really have enough stuff for kiddos as small as him. He hated swinging. Loved climbing the stairs. And he was ok with the slide. But oh, so cute. Oh, and he loves sticks. I’m sure that’s an accident waiting to happen.



nancy said...

Oh my gosh! You make me laugh! Zane sounds like he's a blast! I love the phone thing. Let me know how the helmet works out...I'm sure we'll be needing one, too. Boys!

Jordan said...

Sarah, you silly mommy :) Boys are supposed to have bruises and knots on their heads, right?! (OK, I am feeling bad right now that the injury which occurred in my house is still present). Such a little cutie :) Glad the sleeping is going well-keep it up Zane!

Allyson Petty said...

He is looking like a little man! Love him!