Tuesday, March 30, 2010


 DSCN1755Don’t let those “smiles” fool you. None of us were very happy on the plane. Zane does NOT know the meaning of ‘sitting’, so keeping him in our laps was like wrestling a greased pig. Luckily, he fell asleep during take-off on three out of the four flights and slept the whole way.


In fact, I’m pretty sure the only time he smiled was when he was laughing at me because I had a white, paper bag on my face and was making funny noises….

Life long motion sickness + Migraine = Barf Bag City

On a less gross note, Zane was amazed by the fans blowing on him.DSCN1753Matt had his last (Thank You, Lord) interview in Denver and we decided to make a little trip out of it and pay a visit to Seth and Laurie. Somehow, I didn’t get ONE picture of Z with them!  It was great to catch up and we were thankful that they let us stay with them. I’m pretty sure Zane served as a good method of birth control for them!

Surprisingly, Zane loved the Aquarium. He met Scuba Steve….DSCN1770 Then decided to see how he would look in scuba gear…DSCN1792He looooved the ducks and thought it was pretty funny when I made ‘fish lips’. He would open and close his mouth like he was trying to imitate me.DSCN1763 DSCN1779DSCN1777

This picture of Zane and Matt says so much…..DSCN1772The end of the aquarium came at the perfect time. While Zane loved it, the attention of a 1 year old only lasts so long….



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Faith said...

Yuck! I didn't even think about the motion sickness part... bless your heart1 So sorry:(