Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What did we bring home from Baltimore?

Snow, snow, and more snow! Our flight was delayed a day because of the 30 inches of snow that fell in Baltimore, and to our surprise, we landed in a white Little Rock!

We had to get up that morning at 3:30am to make our flight. Why was it not hard to get up that early? Because I knew I was coming home to these sweet cheeks!


We were fortunate that we landed in Little Rock when we did, because shortly after that, they started cancelling flights. Whew!

The unexpected snow storm in Little Rock made our drive home quite an adventure. We couldn’t go up the on ramp to get on 630, so we re-routed up to 40 West and then down the 430 river bridge. Cars in every direction! Ahhh! Did I mention Matt’s windshield wipers decided to stop working? What an adventure. Matt said I was making him nervous (I was making him nervous? Whatever…) and made me sit on my hands and not make any noises. He wanted me to close my eyes, too. yeah, right. So then I just focused my worries on my mom driving up with Zane. They made it safely.

100_2521 I wanted Zane to make a snow angel, but the little toot wasn’t big enough to even make a dent in the snow.100_1012

He had fun scooting around on the snow.


Zane and Brandie are talking things over.

100_1016 We borrowed the neighbors’ snowmen for a pic.


He does this a lot. Just puts his arm up in the air.

100_1031 100_1014 100_1039

DSCN1545 Matt is absent from these pictures because the morning after we got home from Baltimore, he flew to North Carolina to interview at Duke. This week he drove to St. Louis for an interview, and once again, more SNOW! He was stuck on the interstate forever trying to get up there. He’s back home now…until Thursday, when we’re headed up to Kansas City & Omaha. Fingers crossed, no more snow delays!

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Amanda said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. All that snow is nuts! I know you guys have a busy year coming up too.