Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thirteen months


13 months old

Thirteen months and SO MUCH FUN! This really has been a fun month with my little toot head.  His personality is still so funny! He keeps us laughing with his little imitations. I’m kinda dreading the day he starts talking….Look out! Mommy and Daddy are bound to get into trouble when he starts repeating us!


The other night we accidentally set the alarm off in our house before we left. As soon as we got the alarm turned off, Zane looked up at us with a serious face and started going, “Whoo, Whoo, Whoo!” He was imitating the sound of the alarm! Hilarious.

He has been imitating coughs, puppy dog growls, the sound when you clear your throat, and yawns for awhile now. This month, add in the sound our Keuring coffee pot makes when it’s warming the water and pretend nose blowing.

Matt says he growls a lot when he’s eating. Guess that means he likes his food? Or he’s warning us to stay away? He was definitely wanting us to stay away from his macaroni & cheese wedges (his new fave) at Cheeburger Cheeburger! What a fun 13 month birthday meal!

DSCN1475 DSCN1474

Speaking of food, we’ve been trying to fatten this boy up! When we went for his one year appointment, he weighed 20 lbs. Which is all well and good, except that he weighed 20 lbs three months ago, too.  Kinda fell off the ole growth curve.  We’re not really concerned….I’m sure it’s a combination of three things: 1. He's walking now and he never sits still! 2. He was sick the week before. 3. He was drinking 25 to 30 oz of formula from the bottle everyday. On his birthday we switched him to whole milk in a sippy cup and we could only get him to drink about 4-6 oz a day. He’s doing much better now that he’s gotten used to whole milk….adding a little chocolate didn’t hurt, either!


For the record, he still doesn’t sleep through the night. Occasionally, he will sleep all night, but most nights he wakes up two or three times. We don’t get up that many times, though! Usually we wait until the early morning (think 5am) screaming before we go in, give him some milk, and rock him back to sleep.

He likes his paci when he’s sleepy and loves his “blankie”/”lovie”. He has two blankies. A big one and a small one. Here he is with the small one. Watching TV. This never happens, by the way.

DSCN1482DSCN1484Actually, he’s just now started to realize that we have TV’s. In the mornings and right after his naps, when he’s just woken up, and still kinda sleepy….that’s about the only time I can get him to sit or lay with me and watch cartoons.  Well, he watches cartoons.  I watch him. Cause he’s so darn cute.

Blankie is also fun to put on your feet or use as a telephone.


His favorite foods right now are: mac ‘n cheese, blueberries (he doesn’t even share these with the pups!), this frozen dinner by Michelina’s that has popcorn chicken and mashed potatoes…but the mashed potatoes are formed in the form of smiley faces and he can pick them up and eat them, french toast, waffles, bananas, fruit popsicles, and any kind of desert!

He has finally started pointing. Here he has pointed out some new toys he would like to have.


Oh, one more thing for documentation purposes.  Kaye Kaye gave him his first haircut Saturday night. He looks like such big boy now.

Happy 13 months, Bear Nummins!


Jordan said...

Oh so cute! I am really, really enjoying this age too. Scary what they start repeating :) We're with you on the weight thing-William was 22 lbs 6 oz at his one yr appt, but he weighed 18 lbs at 6 months! I think the crawling, then walking definitely slows the weight gain down. Hope y'all are well!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Zane is too cute! I am so sorry that he doesn't sleep through the night yet! I know that is hard! Our little girl Annabelle didn't sleep for a long time either!