Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baltimore, Blizzards, & our first “Baby-cation”

Inner Harbor

Reasons Matt & I went to Baltimore:

1. Matt interviewed at Johns Hopkins University for fellowship positions in Allergy & Immunology.

2. To see the city, a potential new “home town”

3. To spend time together, as this was our first get away since having Zane

4. Catch up on the sleep we lost this past year :)

Hotel Lobby

intercontinental harbor court

View from our hotel windowESPN Zone, Capital Grille

Reasons we got stuck two extra days in Baltimore:

1. The Great Snowpocalypse 2010. We got to Baltimore on Thursday and, while cold, it was really pretty. On Friday afternoon the snow started falling….and falling…and falling…and fell for 24 hours…….at a rate of about 1 inch per hour! Yes, while there, it snowed about 26 to 30 inches and the wind blew so hard we couldn’t see out our window! Compare the top picture to this next picture:

DSCN1497and the other window that we couldn’t see out of:


2. The trains weren’t running and our flight got cancelled. So, yes…we definitely got to relax and catch up on sleep because EVERYTHING was closed! You’d think that in Baltimore they would be prepared for this, but I don’t think they get blizzards very often. DSCN1528

When we were driving from the airport to our hotel, I noticed these street signs and wondered, “What’s a snow emergency?”

snow routeAnd then I found out……

What we did to pass the time in the blizzard:

1. Played in the snow. Duh.


It’s hard to take a self-portrait in a blizzard. Sorry about that, Matt.DSCN1508

2. Tried to see just how deep it was. I have NEVER seen so much snow! It was crazy!


matt on baltimore street

3. Slept and ate. A LOT.

How I survived with out my baby boy for 5 days:

1. My mom and aunts sent me lots of text pictures.door1 bradley&z2. Knowing he was having a great time and getting spoiled every minute that we were gone. Even when Lee and Brandie tried to sell him at Wal-Mart.


Obstacles we had to overcome to get home to see our Zane-O:

1. Cancelled flights

2. An unexpected snow storm in Little Rock

3. Being stuck on the I430 bridge, in the snow, with NO WINDSHIELD WIPERS! The normally 30 minute drive home from the airport took us 2 hours and 30 minutes.

4. My mom battling the elements to drive up from Hampton with that precious cargo. (baby Zane).

The BEST part of getting back from Baltimore:

There’s just one….

crabby pj'sHe looks adorable in his crabby pj’s we bought him in Maryland. And when did he become grown?

we lost power but dad-o lit us a fireThe snow storm caused our power to go out not long after we got back home, so we had fun playing in the living room and getting warm by the fire.


Kristen and David said...

Welcome back! Glad you made it home safe and sound! Can't wait to hear what you guys thought of Johns Hopkins! Looks like Zane was enjoying the babycation too!

Lauren said...

I know Zane is one of the few babies that sleeps worse than Spencer, so I know you guys needed the rest! I know you're glad to be back, though! Hope the interview went well.

Whitney said...

I know that sweet baby boy was so happy to see y'all! Glad you made it home safe!!!

Faith said...

So glad you made it home safe and had a great "babycation." I'm glad Z does okay when your apart... that makes times you HAVE to be away a little easier:)