Tuesday, March 5, 2013

the dentist

Another snow day. It started falling sometime last night and just stopped this evening. We got about nine inches. That's in addition to the 55.5 inches we've gotten this winter. So, yeah. There's that. Really pretty. Really messy.

Did it keep us inside? Oh, no. Zaney had his first dentist appointment. Better late than never.

Sleepy girl went to Ms. Jeri's and took a nap.

He went to THE COOLEST dentists' office ever. Madison Pediatric Dental. The whole office has a movie theme. Here he is getting his "ticket".

The waiting room

He was incredible during the appointment. The biggest obstacle they faced with him is that he talks a lot. He counted his teeth for the hygienist, sang his ABC's, asked lots of questions. He wanted to know where all their tools were. Told her to rename 'Mr. Spinney' to 'Mr. Tickley'. When she started cleaning his teeth he said, "Hmm...that's not so bad." His favorite part was spraying the water and the air.

Getting X-rays.

I was really impressed with how good he was. Couldn't have gone better. The only time he wasn't happy was when he picked his prize. He picked what he wanted, but then also wanted a ring to give to Lauren. Sweet boy.

Snow days are BAD for my health and for fitting into my jeans. Too cold and messy to get the kids out at the gym. Just right for spending the afternoon baking.

So this happened.

Blueberry coffee cake and cupcakes. Nana got Zane a cupcake decorating kit for Christmas. He LOVED it! He was so excited about decorating his cupcakes and making a special princess cupcake for Siela. That boy...he's a ladies' man.
Abstract art.

Anything to keep this girl occupied.


Just another Tuesday in the tundra.


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