Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seventeen months



Ok, I’m way overdue for his monthly update, and 18 months is creeping up on me quickly!

For the first time, I didn’t get his picture in the chair with his monkey. I’m not too sad about it though, because this picture sums him up just right at seventeen months! He’s always HOT, so he’s in a diaper a lot of the time.

IMG_0214 And the yellow rain boots….oh, the yellow rain boots. Some days he refuses to wear anything else. Which would be just fine with me, except he has a really hard time walking in them, they fall off (especially when climbing into his rocking chair), and then he LOUDLY demands that I put them back on his fat little feet.

Update: I’m no longer allowed to put them on his feet. He has to do it alllll by himself.


Zane’s quirks at 17 months include:

*He finds dog collars and puts them around his neck.

*He un-velcroes his shoes and criss-crosses them.

*He grunts whenever I’m doing certain things…like going up stairs, putting on his shoes, trying to open a jar, etc. Things that apparently I grunt when doing, he now grunts for me.

*He shakes his head ‘no’ a lot. Sometimes no means yes. Ex: “Zane, do you want milk?” He shakes his head no, then grabs the cup and starts drinking.

*He LOVES the pool! This kid has NO fear. He will jump right in – and not check to see if someone is there to catch him first! Gotta keep a close eye on him.  He really does love it, though.  He will walk right off of the steps and go under. He’ll put his face in and kick his feet.

*He has eye lashes that are to die for. But that’s nothing new.


Guess I’ll stop there or I won’t have anything to write about when he turns 18 months old in FIVE days!


Jordan said...

This is too funny! I too have a hot-natured little boy whom I have been letting run around in his diaper-even outside (I'm sure the neighbors are appalled). However, this will end after today, when he proceeded to un-fasten his diaper, look at me, and laugh when I told him "no." Guess what the boy really wants to be in is his birthday suit :)

Beth Ann said...

Hahahaha - I LOVE that he grunts for you!!!! And of course, I love his eyelashes :)