Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Haircuts, Hot days, & Hissy fits

Oh, believe me. There is a connection. But not a good one. More like getting on the wrong page in chemistry lab and the mixture explodes in your face.

The day before Lindsey’s wedding, I decided that Zane was looking a little shaggy. I was a little reluctant to get his hair cut because I love his little curls, but decided I didn’t want to look back at pictures of him as the ring bearer/bell ringer and have his hair looking all crazy. So on the way home from the bridesmaids luncheon we stopped at Pig Tails & Crew Cuts. I took a few pictures of him playing while we waited and some “before” shots of his hair. Yes, he did manage to acquire a slightly black eye just in time for the wedding. He had an unfortunate run-in with the piano.

IMG_0265 IMG_0266IMG_0267IMG_0268

Zane was eager to get in the ‘chair’ because he got to choose between an airplane and different cars. He chose a yellow car and, although he wasn’t crazy about the lady cutting his hair, loved turning the steering wheel. Luckily, she was very fast and efficient…..and the sucker she gave him during the haircut didn’t hurt, either.

IMG_0271IMG_0272And that’s when the real fun began. Zane liked the car just a little too much. I would say, “Are you ready to go home?” and get the reply, “WHAAAHHH!” Not a cry. A yell. “Wanna go check on puppies at home?” “WHAAAAAAHHHH!!”

Hmmmm…ok, I’ll go pay, pack everything up, and tackle this problem right before we walk out the door.

Ok, Zane. Time to go.” “WHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHH!!!”

Arched back.  Stiff body.  Kicking.  Hitting.  Screaming. Total breakdown.

It was a pleasant 95 degrees with 100% humidity outside as I try to force my noncompliant captive into the car.

While wearing a dress.  A short dress.  And heels.

He continues the stiff body/arched back/kicking/screaming as I try to buckle him into his carseat. Ever try to buckle a one year old in a car seat when they’ve got their back arched? It ain’t easy. The only solution is for said mom to climb into the car, use a knee to force child into chair, and both hands to fasten buckles.

And lots of sweating. Which does horrible things to a fresh spray tan.

Fresh spray tan + Sweaty body + Leather seats = Well, it wasn’t cute.  But Zane and his new little haircut sure were cute….especially when he fell asleep before we were out of the parking lot!

“After” pictures of the haircut to come in the wedding post. :)


Lauren said...

You just described some of our "best" bad days. =) It's amazing how strong they are and what horrible leverage you have when trying to push them into their car seat. Thankfully, Spencer usually goes easily. But sometimes, we do what you just described--except, I haven't worn heels since I got pregnant (yeah, over 2 years ago). =)

The Cates Fam said...

Just wait until he is 3! :)

The Cross Family said...

I love hearing these types of stories as it makes me realize I am not alone. I totally know where you are coming from trying to strap the kid into the carseat while they are throwing the fit...just did that one last week myself! Wish we could get these kiddos of ours together, I have no doubt that they would hit it off!

Amanda said...

So funny! And scary...the joys we have to look forward too:)