Monday, May 10, 2010

Sixteen months



Is this my new favorite age? Yep. I wonder if each age will be my favorite. I’m really lovin this kid right now.

At 16 months Zane weighs 22 lbs (up two whole pounds from the 20 lbs he weighed at 10 months), i don’t remember his height, and still has a big head. 90th percentile, I do believe. :)

IMG_0117He has added two new words to his vocabulary this month: 1. “Uh-huh”. He says this over and over if either one of us are on the phone. He will also walk around with the phone up to his ear and say “uh-huh”. And the other day he kept slamming the phone into the back of my head saying, “uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh”. Apparently he wanted me to call someone? 2. “Dee Dee” (Matt’s mom). Except it sounds like “day day”. A little Southern accent, perhaps?

IMG_0118He has replaced waving at everyone with blowing kisses to everyone. He’s a pro. Even makes the ‘smack’ noise.

He wants to let the dogs out of the kennel as soon as he wakes up. He points to the kennel as says, “Uh?”. He chases them around the house and pins them to the ground.

IMG_0112He is definitely a little BOY! He wants to rough house. He runs up to me and pushes me, to which my role is to dramatically fall backwards and tell him that he’s the strongest boy in the world. He gets pretty tickled at that.

IMG_0125He goes to the front window and says, “Dada?” When I know Dad-o’s almost home, we go outside and wait in the driveway for him. I love to watch that smile spread across his face when he sees Matt pulling into the driveway.

IMG_0131 We love you more each day, Mister Love Bear Man.


Tiffany Dawn said...

so cute! I remember in the beginning every single age was my FAVORITE! I have since said that every yr is better than the last... I hear that changes when they hit the TEEN years! :)

The Cates Fam said...

he is a doll!!!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Annabelle's head has always been in the 905 percentile even though her weight is like 40th or something. zane is so cute and I love ya'lls family pic at the top!!