Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Cabin Trip

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas 09! Whew, Christmas this year was a fun, special, busy, stressful, week long event. For the third year in a row, Matt was fortunate enough to get Christmas week off of work.

We started out 'Christmas Week' by going to Heber Springs on Sunday. Matt, Mama Doot, and Zane picked me up after work and we spent two nights at the cabin. I love being at the cabin because it's so relaxing. I feel like I can just sit. No TV (I mean, there is a TV, I just don't feel the need to turn it on unless the Razorbacks are playing). No laundry. Just hanging out, enjoying the fire, and eating way too much. One of the highlights this trip was the entertainment provided by Tyler and Matt as they played Dancing With the Stars on the Wii.....never thought I'd see these two brothers doing choreographed dancing! Ha! Ok, so there's another reason to turn on the TV.

*Love this pic of my boys in their matching flannel*Santa found us at the cabin, too! He brought me a Snuggie...yes, a Snuggie, but not just any ole Snuggie! This one had my name monogrammed on it! HA! Too bad I don't have picture of me modeling it. It's pretty fabulous. Santa brought Zane a moose, moose ears, and the book If you Give a Moose a Muffin. Nice themed gift, Santa.

*This is Zane's new face that he started making last week. It looks like he's yelling in these pictures...but, no. Just showing us his teeth. And yes, of course he's "hungry as a bear". How else would you describe a little boy at the breakfast table in a log cabin?
*What a sweet picture of Zane and his Mama Doot

*And this last picture is of my little baby boy trying to turn into a big boy. He's officially walking. And climbed his first set of stairs about, oh, five minutes after we got to the cabin.

Christmas Week 09 to be continued....


Faith said...

Sweet pics:) Sounds like a fun time... Miss you guys! Our next appt is in Feb, the 18th maybe? Not sure... I'll let you know..I'm hoping we can get the babies together (and mommies too of course!)

Whitney said...

Can. not. believe. he's. WALKING!!!! and a year old. whew. overload. and i thought mine grew up fast.

Jordan said...

Way to go, big walking boy! I know that was so nice to have Matt home for the whole week, too. Wish we could've seen you over Christmas....maybe one of these days!