Tuesday, August 18, 2009

if you bring him, they will come

That's Kara Dell (I love that our names rhyme). She put some kind of magic potion on Zane and got him to take a nap. On this day, DeeDee and Skeet had gone out of town, so Zane was staying with Nana Lynn, Uncle Bo Joe, and Mama Doot. We were pretty sure we wouldn't have any trouble finding someone to watch Zane while I was at work, and apparently we found about 13 someones! When I picked him up after work (at 9pm), I was surprised to find, not only those three, but also Kara, KayeKaye, Greg, and Jake all there! And that's just half of the "baby sitters" Zane had that day! I think Morgan had been there all day! Craig, Dana, and some neighbors also came by. Actually, I'm not surprised that he had gathered such a crowd...the boy knows how to arouse some attention!

Same story, different town. The next day we went to Hampton to see Nana Beth and Pops. We had probably been in town about 30 minutes when the house was full! Aunt Debbie, Aunt Pat, Uncle Mike, Aunt Claudia, McKayla, Gracie, and Hunter were all ready to play. We also got to visit with Mama Lou, Mammaw and Pappaw Martin, Andy, Scott, Uncle Stanley, Uncle Steve, and Kristina! Whew, Zane! I think you should start your own fan club!

Here's the favorite part of my day--when Zane comes to visit me at lunch!


Eric and Leslie Warford said...

Okay--reading those names pretty much made me feel like I was watching "Sweet Home Alabama!" :)

That boy is quite the cutey!

Jordan said...

What a lucky, special boy to have such a big family that loves him so much! I hate it that William doesn't get to see our families very often. Such a cutie pie :)