Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eight months old

Where, oh where, did my baby go? As I look through Zane's eight month pictures, I can't seem to find my baby....all I see is this little boy. I feel like I'm back in the fifth grade, at Crystal Palace (the skating rink in El Dorado where all the cool kids had their birthday parties), skating along, going too fast, and as I point my toes down to apply the 'brakes' know, the little rubber thing on the front of the skate.....well, it's NOT THERE! I'm skating out of control and I can't slow down!
I mean, look at him. That's my BABY, sitting up, playing in the floor! They change so much, they grow so fast, yadayada. You've heard all the cliches. And I'm here to tell you that they are all true. On one hand, it seems like yesterday that I was preparing his nursery and bringing home a tiny baby. On the other hand, it's been a looooong eight, sleepless months.

Here's a good shot of his bugs bunny teeth.
And his beautiful eyes...
Silly boy
It's about time I introduce this guy that's always in Z's pictures....
The monkey to Zane's left is Frankie. Morgan, Matt's cousin, made him at Build-a-Bear and brought him to the hospital the day that Zane was born. Insert random thought here: there was a big storm the day Zane was born...I hate storms. The sky was black. But guess what my aunts saw when they walked out of the hospital? Not one, but TWO rainbows! I think someone upstairs was happy with His latest creation!


As I started this post, you were in the bathtub with your dad--with the jets on. Fun times. He then dried you off, lotioned you up, put your pj's on, and sang you to sleep. He can't seem to lay you down in your bed, though. That's my area of expertise. So, we did a trade off. I sang a few verses of Jesus Loves Me, our go-to song, and you were out like a light. Probably because you didn't want to hear my awful singing anymore. Who knows how long you'll sleep? We've been on a pretty solid run of two hour increments. Tuesday night you slept for six hours, though. Ah....heavenly days. Your dad woke me up twice in that time to ask if I had been up with you yet. And the first peep you made, he wanted to run and pick you up. You wanna know why? Because he missed you.

Your favorite word is mama. Especially at three in the morning. I love hearing you say it, no matter what time it is.

Tonight, for your eight month birthday meal, you ate more than I've ever seen you eat! You had green beans, carrots, grapes, blueberries, and mangos (your current favorite food). You'd finish one food and then cry for more. We were rading the fridge trying to find you things to eat! I can only imagine that you'll eat me out of house & home as a teenager.

You love puffs and mum mums. You also like to feed your mum mums to Lola when you think no one is looking. and then chuckle about little mischievious boy.

You always sleep in the car. I'm not sure why we haven't just moved our bed to the back of my Volvo and taken shifts driving at night. Probably because gas is expensive.

You wave bye-bye everytime we say it. Still backwards. so cute. Sometimes you say bye-bye, but usually after we have walked away from the people you're supposed to be saying it to.

You still love to scratch things. And you pat me on the back when I carry you around.

You make the funniest noises. When you are really happy, you make a funny noise that almost sounds like you're imitating a cow. I've got to get that on video soon. It makes us laugh every single time!

Your daddy and I love you more than I could ever put into words here. So, when you're a teenager and in trouble for one thing or another, maybe you'll read this and be reminded of how much we love you. So much that we want to remember every little thing about you at this age.

Sweet dreams little buddy,



Lea Liz said...

Happy 8 months!

Tell me about it.. they grow up way to fast!!!!1
I'm glad ot see someone else likes Mum Mums!!

Chris & Whitney said...

I can't believe how much he's grown since the last time I saw him! He and B need a playdate so he can teach her how to say mama!!! verification word is there something you need to tell me? ha!

Jordan Malone said...

wow that was sweet sarah....zane is so lucky to have such a great mom and a great dad....glad that you are putting those things into words cause our poor kids won't know what they were like at this age! when the things are happening you think that you could NEVER forget it, but you do! keep writing!

Jordan said...

What a sweet post. I know Zane hasn't been easy all of the time, but you have been such a great, patient mom. He's lucky to have you! P.S. What in the world are mum mums? We haven't discovered those yet and William's very curious :)

The Gardella's said...

He is so adorable.

Rachel said...

i cannot believe how Zane is getting...he is absolutely PRECIOUS!! i understand about how fast they grow baby has been gone for a while-she is too independent for me! :(