Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the potato head can roll!

Sixteen weeks and three days. That's how old Zane is today. And guess what the little monkey decided he could do......roll from back to tummy! I left him playing in the floor, looking at his Baby Einstein toy. I noticed that he couldn't see me well from where he was laying, and he was straining his little head back trying to look at me. Guess he'd rather look at me....maybe I'm a little more entertaining than Einstein....my mom says he thinks I'm a movie star....but, anyway, that's beside the point....I think the way he had his head turned, and the fact that if he's laying flat on his back his feet must be either held straight up in the air or kicking like crazy, helped him to roll. I tried to document with the camera, but he wasn't having as much luck. I still think it's a cute video and I love hearing him "talk"; however, I hate having to hear myself talk!


Allyson Petty said...

You're not big enough to roll yet! We miss you,
Phillip, Allyson, and Parker

amywelborn said...

Congrats to the lil spud!!